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An Integrated Approach to Consulting

When you get down to it, every company is a set of hypotheses.

We speculate what makes our product or service appealing to customers, who those ideal customers are, and what we can do to extend and improve our business into the next quarter, year, or sales cycle.

Less than half of all startups survive their first five years of existence, due to misguided sets of hypotheses or a lack of an integrated plan altogether.

My work with early stage and established companies is focused on converting that set of hypotheses into strategies that involve more than just guesstimating success.


Without a tangible, deliberate plan for growth and breakthrough ideas, your company will struggle to achieve standout success (or at the very least, experience serious stagnation). What’s more you need a growth plan that, while it’s specific, is flexible enough to allow your team to respond to changing market conditions. That’s why my consulting approach is anything but cookie-cutter and operates from a philosophy of evidence, not opinion.

I help companies determine what they’re doing right—and how to do more of it. I show them how to apply technology and new processes to solve their biggest problems, and the best ways to reinforce the areas where they’re losing business to competitors.
Clients come to me for assistance in creating strategies and solutions around new start ups,
business growth, online customer acquisition and marketing automation.

To say the least: After 25 years of success with Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, and start-ups in Canada, India, Germany, the UAE and Oman, I know how to craft strategies and push teams to the edge of what’s possible. I’ve stepped in as a product and channel manager, business and product developer, capture planner, corporate strategist, digital marketer, and COO to develop plans for bold, enduring companies.

But I also want to say: I don’t believe in just relying on the “tried and true.”

Translating obstacles into action plans is where I thrive because I understand how to bring ideas, technology, and people together to address the unique of pain points that companies experience. Complexity and ambiguity don’t shake me. I’m equally comfortable hashing out strategy and rolling up my sleeves to execute and implement ideas.

Start visualizing all the moving pieces and identify gaps that your competitors haven’t.
Discover new ways to leverage your resources and people to create greater value.