Founder, Principal Consultant & Certified High Performance Coach

Andrew Srinarayan, B.Com, MBA, CHPC
Marketing & Business Growth Strategist
Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist
Certified High Performance Coach™

Hi, I’m Andrew. I’m a Business Growth Strategist. Avid golfer. ENFJ. Hands-on digital marketing dynamo. Coach. Proud dad. Those are just a few of the titles that sum up my passions and the breadth of experience I bring to any engagement.

For as long as I can remember, my talents have been best expressed by helping individuals and business owners create solutions and make strategic shifts. On some level, I’ve always supported high achievers in unlocking the clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence that’s proven to propel them forward.

My ethos? Push boundaries. Be straightforward. Dig into the root of challenges. And at some point during each day, do something lighthearted and fun. Add joy to your life.

I’m first and foremost a creative thinker and entrepreneur. I’m also a Certified High Performance Coach and business consultant with more than two decades of global experience working with Fortune 500 companies and start-ups, across industries and technology stacks including enterprise and cloud-based systems, digital marketing platforms, and personal productivity apps.

I’ve spent a lot of time helping leaders create greenfield initiatives and shift marketplace paradigms.

The reasons why I have been able to enable success lies in my 5 most dominant strengths according to Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder: Strategic-Responsibility-Relator-Achiever-Learner.

My plateau? Despite all my success and drive, I reached a much dreaded plateau in 2016. I had trouble answering the question “Where do I go from here?” Up to that point I’d shown myself and everyone else that I could succeed, that I could learn anything, but in that moment I just couldn’t decide what to focus on next. I floundered, was uninspired, and didn’t feel productive (even though I worked hard and kept busy).

The spark was gone.

My sense of engagement, joy, and confidence was harder and harder to tap into.

Then I looked carefully at my ideas around the “more” I was craving for and decided to take my skills as a problem solver to the next level. With my act together, I trained and was certified as a High Performance Coach via the High Performance Institute and completing the Coaching for High Performance program with Queen’s University, mastering frameworks that turn traditional coaching on its head.

My mission: When it came to moving forward, the status quo didn’t work for me, and my hunch is that if you’re reading this, it won’t work for you either. That’s why I deliver a customized experience through a hybrid approach that cuts to the core of what you’re longing to create:

I bring the insider’s perspective of a consultant and the support of a coach.

I’m not just a figure for accountability—I’m your invested, thoughtful partner ready to process all of this with you and ask the questions you can’t ask yourself.

Scale your business and your mindset.
Future proof your strategies, technology, and teams.

Schedule your discovery session today to reach the absolute top of your game and stay there!